Arrogance and Bullshit Have No Place in Business

The business world can be a dog eat dog world. Not only is it the strong that survives but often they are the one that advance. Full disclosure-I do not enjoy this part of business. Do not get me wrong I am as competitive as they come and have no problem competing and climbing to the top. I just do not like lying, cheating and perhaps worse of all faking my way to the top. Hopefully, you do not like those things either. I can guarantee you will come across it if you are in business long enough.

Lying and cheating are self-explanatory. The one I am going to focus on is faking your way to the top. This has several threads and I want to peel them all back and look at them closely.

Bullshit Artist-This may come as a shock but there are some real bullshit artists out there. These people are full of it and boy they like to sling it. Some of them I think have been doing it so long they actually believe the manure they are shoveling. I am by nature very cynical and come equipped with a bullshit meter. At times it can be a hindrance as there are times the meter is off the charts and I wear my disgust proudly on my face. As you can imagine, I do not mix well with these people and neither, should you. In a perfect world, these people would wear signs for all the world to see. Unfortunately, many of these people are also known to suffer from Cranium in Supervisors Buttocks disease. The best of them have their head so far up the bosses derriere that it can be difficult to establish where one stops and the other begins.

Arrogant Master-These come in two forms. The willing and the unwilling. If there is one nugget (hopefully there are more) you walk away from here is ego can be your worst enemy. Most people overestimate their knowledge. These are the unwilling. Many of us could fall into this category and not realize it. I am sure I have tiptoed into this realm but anyone that knows me well, know I fight it with everything I have. My main weapon-humility. I avoid having opinions on things I do not feel comfortable with. I believe that we do not know, what we do not know. I am not too big to tell someone; “I do not know but I will find out and get back to you.” I will not make it up. The reason why is simple-you will get caught and when you do it will kill your credibility. My credibility means everything to me. As for the willing, these are also known as the “know-it-alls.” Similar to the bullshit artist, they may believe what they are saying as they have been doing it for so long. They will sound very convincing at times. The enlightened ones will sniff these people out as well. Then again, they have been known to slip through the cracks and land in leadership.

Neither of these types of people are good for business. They often can turn-off outsiders to your organization, including customers and key partners. These people can easily get in over their head and stir the ship in the wrong direction. In order for organizations to thrive, you want to have the right people guiding the company. Look for people who are genuine and humble. They will have the best interest of the company in mind. They will not hesitate to ask for help or advice when they need it. You are far less likely to find yourself in times of disaster.

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