Who Says you Can’t Get More Time in Your Day?

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As an entrepreneur, you know that you need to manage available time in an effective manner, in order to ensure your productivity. It can also create the balance between your personal life and work. Therefore, it is extremely important for all the entrepreneurs to pay special attention towards proper time management. Here is a list of effective time management tips that you can follow in order to develop your skills. 1. Multitasking is overrated – As an entrepreneur; you must be looking to get work done as much as possible during a day along with the help of smartphones and […]

The Employee Disconnect

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Why is it there seems to be such a disconnect between employees and management?  Do not believe me?  A 2015 Employee Retention Study may change your mind.  Over 2,000 employees and HR managers took part in the study.  The findings were pretty surprising.  Almost half of the HR Manager believe retention and leadership programs were a top priority.  Personally, I believe that should be higher.  Regardless, this next stat is the one that jumps out at you.  Sixty percent of the HR Managers believed their organization was doing a good job at providing a path for advancement.  Meanwhile, only thirty-six […]

Arrogance and Bullshit Have No Place in Business

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The business world can be a dog eat dog world. Not only is it the strong that survives but often they are the one that advance. Full disclosure-I do not enjoy this part of business. Do not get me wrong I am as competitive as they come and have no problem competing and climbing to the top. I just do not like lying, cheating and perhaps worse of all faking my way to the top. Hopefully, you do not like those things either. I can guarantee you will come across it if you are in business long enough. Lying and […]